About WCL Solution

WCL Solution is the specialist for optimizing business processes. We focus on automating business processes, capturing, processing, managing and archiving of documents and data. Our goal is to provide total solution to customers based on their needs. WCL Solution works closely with world’s leading manufacturers to provide the most cutting-edge and reliable technologies in the market. We offer a comprehensive set of software and hardware solutions to fulfill customers’ needs and optimize their business processes.

Data, Document & Workflow Expert.

What can we do for you?

We offer solutions and implementations in the following areas:

  • OCR Technology
  • Document Conversion
  • Data Capture Solution
  • Digital Transformation
  • Document Management / Enterprise Content Management
  • Business Process Automation & Re-engineering
  • Workflow & E-Form Technologies

Our team has expert knowledge and skill sets in many aspects.  In every project, we work closely with our customers from the start to the end of project and afterwards to ensure our solution and our services satisfy customer’s requirement and each project is completed successfully every time with continual support from our professional team.

WCL Solution assumes integration and interoperability responsibility

Our Mission & Philosophy

The mission of WCL Solution, is to become well-known as a reliable and trusted partner in the market and to provide excellent services to customers with comprehensive and user-friendly solutions to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of business operations. We do this by taking high responsibility in every project. We understand many customers have limited technical knowledge in their team. This is highlighted as WCL Solution assumes integration and interoperability responsibility, which very large technology providers often ignore this and serve their customers poorly. We are enthusiastic in sharing our knowledge with customers and helping customers to improve their business operation. We aim to develop long term business relationship with customers and to continue supporting and bringing new technologies and values to them.

We commit to provide customers the following to reach our goal:

The Best Quality of Goods

We supply high quality products and they are highly reliable. WCL Solution also uses the products that are offered to customers.

The Best Service

We are willing to take higher responsibility and guarantee each project completes successfully.

The Most Reasonable Price

We are able to offer the most competitive prices to customer while maintaining the best quality in our services and products.

Customer Satisfaction

We have positive spirit and listen carefully to your needs before and after you sign up to our solutions. WCL Solution is always on-hand to help customers get the best from their IT investment.