Discover the power of enterprise content management

If you want to become a well-informed consumer of enterprise content management, our Learn ECM guide is here to help. When you are through reading this section, you will better understand the entire scope of enterprise content management and will be able to identify the gold standard of ECM technology – the very standard you should look for when choosing an ECM partner.

Enterprise content management (ECM), like OnBase by Hyland Software, is a technology that allows you to take control of your organization’s important information, like documents, emails, invoices, contracts, and so much more.

If you are new to the concept of enterprise content management (ECM), let Hyland Software, creators of OnBase, make it easy to understand.

Here’s how enterprise content management helps solve the top 6 most common business process challenges private industry and public organizations face today.

The value of ECM goes way beyond simple scan, store and retrieve solutions. In fact, these six categories of ECM – these building blocks – encompass the functionality present in an ideal solution.

Learn how to partner with a vendor who can help you stay competitive and propel you to the next level.

Discover some of the most common ECM terms and their meaning: document management, document imaging, records management and many more.