Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Connect content and business processes with the SharePoint integration

Allow users to search, retrieve, view and interact with content stored in OnBase directly from their familiar SharePoint environment.

Key Features:

  • Provides SharePoint users with real-time process visibility into OnBase workflow activity, process bottlenecks and exceptions
  • Allow users to access content through a single interface, eliminating the need to log into multiple applications
  • Permits staff across the organization to view documents and interact with processes through familiar SharePoint webpages

Scan, access documents directly from Microsoft Office SharePoint

Allow users to scan documents directly through SharePoint, allowing them to manage all of their content within a single, familiar interface. Once captured, documents are automatically indexed, managed and stored in OnBase – all while providing staff with access to them directly from SharePoint item lists or document libraries.

Key Features:

  • Matches documents with related content and routes it through workflow, streamlining business processes
  • Automatically indexes documents, associates it with related content in OnBase and provides a dynamic hyperlink that can be posted to a SharePoint list or library
  • Provides access to scanned documents through SharePoint