A premium mobile onboarding process offers your customers a frictionless way to capture and provide self-servicing trailing document to increase retention rates. Power your app with Mobile Capture and deliver exceptional customer experiences by making mobile document capture easy for your customers with a simple process: point and capture. ABBYY Mobile Capture is an SDK which offers automatic data capture within your mobile app, providing real-time recognition and capturing photos of documents for on-device or back-end processing.

Key benefits

automated mobile data capture

Get ahead of the competition

Meet your customers’ expectations by minimizing manual interactions within your mobile apps and maximizing the ease-of-use for the end-user.

mobile capture solution

Optimize development resources

Easy to integrate, pre-built, comprehensive mobile capture solution for your mobile application which saves development time and delivers best quality results at the same time.

mobile onboarding

Support seamless on-boarding scenarios

Increase your growth and retention rates by creating smooth mobile customer experiences throughout the onboarding journey.

Use cases

mobile onboarding

Cross-industry on-boarding mobile capture

Fulfilling customer service processes to capture identification documents, financial confirmation, transportation details, healthcare information and other forms is essential in supporting customer centric self-service on-boarding experiences.

Customer registration

By simply pointing the mobile device’s camera at ID cards, passports and other identification documents, customer data is transferred into company systems with minimal manual effort. On-boarding new clients in banks, insurance companies and other organizations as well as processes for registering new customers in hotels or car rental companies can be faster and more efficient. As no document photo is stored, data privacy is guaranteed.

Mobile customer self-service

Enterprise companies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing apps that allow customers to communicate easily and exchange data to complete transactions. Apps that allow data transfer with minimal manual interaction such as providing proof of income, identification verification, utility bills, insurance policies, among others can significantly reduce cost for customer service transactions.

mobile customer experience

Creating valuable user experiences

By connecting intuitive mobile apps with powerful and AI-enabled backend solutions you can multiply the user benefit and create a personalized and valuable user experience. ABBYY Mobile Capture is the ideal technology for intuitive mobile input solutions which need to be able to either capture an image or support various data capture scenarios.

Mobile input

Accurate and intuitive mobile input solutions capture an image or support various data capture scenarios are essential in providing exceptional customer on-boarding and self-serve scenarios. Users can take images of the required documents, which can then be sent to back-end servers for recognition, verification and further processing.

End to end solution

Combined with our cloud or on-premise backend technologies, like ABBYY Vantage, FlexiCapture, FlexiCapture Engine and ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, helps organizations to effectively use mobile devices as a reliable way of document and data input for customer on-boarding and self-service scenarios.