Product Highlights

Hyland Credentials utilize blockchain as the enabling technology to ensure that a document is valid and unaltered. It is the WORLD LEADER IN BLOCKCHAIN-SECURED DIGITAL RECORDS that are recipient owned, vendor independent and verifiable anywhere.

As the ONLY blockchain-based records provider in the world with a currently available product for multi-chain issuing and self-sovereign digital identity, Hyland Credentials is revolutionizing the way business in all sectors issue and verify credentials and the way individuals understand and use their digital identities.

Key Benefits

Hyland’s credentialing solutions utilize blockchain as the enabling technology to ensure that a document is valid and unaltered. Blockchain offers a new public infrastructure for verifying credentials in a manner far more durable, secure, and convenient than relying upon a single authority with the following advantages when compare with traditional approach:

Improve efficiency

Blockchain-anchored records don’t require middlemen to send or verify.

Prevent fraud

Make it hard to impersonate records from your organization with cryptographic signatures.

Increase security

Know that records are secure, tamper proof and vendor independent.

Provide ownership

Empower recipients with records they own and can have verified anywhere.

Promote awareness

Draw attention to your programs and your brand with records that can be shared online.

Gain insight

Build reports to better understand your credentialing trends.

Key Features

Hyland Credentials provides an open standards-based solution for verifiable digital records that are:

  • Independently verifiable: Decentralised ownership and verification

  • Tamper evident: Highly secure

  • Owned by issuers and recipients

  • Scale: Built to meet the needs of governments, corporations, and educational institutions.

  • Standards-compliant: Leverages Blockcerts, the international standard for blockchain credentials

  • Multi-Chain: Allows anchoring to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and many other blockchains

  • Flexible design and easy to deploy


Hyland Credentials has unique solutions for different sector that enable your organization to develop branded templates, automate credential issuance, and learn from your credential data.

Diplomas, transcripts, examinations record, and badges all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.

Issue professional credentials in a digital format that people can hold and share directly when needed.

Credentials have your custom branding, metadata, and verification by QR code to facilitate screening and movement across institutions and borders.

Digital licenses & certificates, identity documents, and other government records that build opportunity-driven mobility for citizens.

Issue health records in a digital format that physicians, patients, and others can share and verify anywhere.

A Sample Scenario

Jane has recently graduated from college and receives an official copy of her digital diploma, issued by the university containing her keys. She can choose to present her diploma to anyone—like a potential employer—who can independently verify the issuer of the diploma, the time of issuance and its status (valid, expired or revoked).