Access Your Content Easily, from Anywhere

OnBase makes content available to the people who need it wherever they are from almost any device or application.

Options for Everyone

  • A personalized user interface supports how users work: They can put the documents, forms, business processes and reports that are important to them right at their fingertips.

  • Working in another application? Stay there: OnBase integrates with other business applications so users access content directly from within familiar screens.

  • Away from your desk? Your information goes with you: Use OnBase mobile applications to access your information, make decisions and monitor your processes while on the go.

  • No network access? Use OnBase while offline: Give field workers the ability to retrieve, create, and update documents, complete forms and upload photos.

  • Extend your content beyond your organization: OnBase improves the experience of your customers, constituents and students by submitting forms, tracking their status and accessing documents online.

The OnBase Advantage

With OnBase, you can use all types of hardware, devices and browsers to access your content. Because all of these interfaces point to the same central OnBase repository.

Access to OnBase can be granted at a very granular level, from single documents all the way to the entire system. You gain total visibility with a sophisticated audit trail, as OnBase records the exact time a document is accessed, by whom and what they did.

Access your content easily, from anywhere, with OnBase.