Revolutionize Your Processes

With business process modeling and management (BPM), OnBase automates many of the predictable, repeated steps in your processes. By providing useful tools to search for and work with your information, OnBase facilitates the tasks and actions to save time and improve customer service.

  • Improve processes and facilitate case management: By automating predictable decisions and routing exceptions to the correct individuals, your processes run at optimal speed. Manage tasks, conversations and reminders surrounding your processes in the same system and accomplish more without adding staff.

  • Working digitally benefits your organization: Retrieve documents by searching for any word or phrase within them. Create and track multiple revisions of documents and sign them with a signature pad or tablet.

  • Automate document composition and distribution: Automatically generate letters, statements and documents based on business decisions and distribute them to your customers and constituents.

The OnBase Advantage

OnBase enables you to build your own processes without extensive training or expensive services. A selection of logical rules and actions are combined to form tailored solutions that meet your needs without relying on custom coding – minimizing time spent on implementation.

OnBase helps you ensure consistent productivity because work can be load-balanced across groups of people by name or role. Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time, eliminating bottlenecks from a linear process. And when workloads or requirements change, you can alter processes on the fly.

With OnBase, your processes extend outside the four walls of your organization. From a mobile device or laptop, your decision makers execute decisions wherever they are – connected or disconnected. Your customers can submit forms and track their status online. Revolutionize your processes with OnBase.