Construction Solutions

In construction industry, although architecture and industrial design are highly digitized due to BIM and architectural software, construction site, vast offices of administrative and financial staff are still handling hundreds of paper documents every day.

Just as BIM connects designers and builders, construction industry also need digitalization by using ECM platform for administrative and core business processes. Construction companies that successfully shift to digital will have a competitive edge due to higher efficiency and adequate information access for making better business decision.

We help construction companies to centralize core business process and documentation onto a single platform. Changes can be relayed in real-time across all devices, and the platform has a common database that supports and integrates with most of your applications.

Solution Benefits

Increase efficiency

  • Mobile access and upload of information in anytime and anywhere

  • Optimize and automate business process to improve efficiency

Cost saving

  • Able to integrate with CAD software or SAP, so user can access information via our system directly without costly CAD software or additional license

Accurate information

  • Real time data synchronization to ensure up-to-date info is shown

  • Intelligent recognition and capture to ensure information accuracy

Best possibility security

  • Documents would not be damaged or missing

  • Giving staff access only to the documents they need

Increase visibility

  • Progress tracking of process status or staff’s performance

  • Provide insight for decision making

Easy documents management

  • Permanent revision history exists for each document

  • Provide keyword indexing for easy searching of documents

Solution Highlights

Apart from standard solutions, we can also customize solution to satisfy your business need.

Centralized Document Management System

Record management

 Staff can manage changes to plans, track records and specifications, and trace materials back to their sources

Content and case management

Provide employees with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.

Remote access and upload

Provide users with mobile access to information on their phones and tablets, regardless time or location

Real time info synchronization

Information update is relayed in real-time across all devices

Core Business Process Optimization and Automation

Intelligent Recognition and Capture

The system is taught the features of all the documents involved in the running of the business

Inter-departmental processing

Optimize core business processes with centralizing them onto a single platform with common database

Seamless system integration

Able to integrate with almost all application including CAD software, SAP, email, etc

Vendor Management

Vendor Data Capture

Automate capture vendor data and documents to ensure no missing information including order

Vendor / Contractor Portal

Providing easy access to existing supplier records and orders, and streamlines the onboarding of prospective suppliers

Performance Monitoring

Record feedback and monitor vendor performance with scorecards and reporting

Usage Scenarios

Invoice processing automation

Electronic processing invoices enhance visibility and reduce coding errors for AP staff. It speeds payments with automated approval notifications and escalations


With all HR files – including personnel, workers’ compensation and benefits documentation are stored in one secure location, superior index searching function can help to sort out the files easily.


Data are captured and saved in the repository, through the workflow automation process, make sure the legal documents are compliance with the regulatory.

License and permits

With all licenses information like Building licenses, Plumbing licenses, Gas fitting licenses and Electrical licenses, our solution acts as a central repository for these information, allowing staff to instantly access it when needed.

Contract Management

The solution routes contracts for review, approval, and execution. It notify the appropriate parties of expirations and auto-renewals, as well as capture electronic signatures.

Drawing and document management

Our solution can make sure the companies have got the right/most updated versions of drawings, shared and worked with stakeholders, and they can open the drawing without expensive 3D software.