Healthcare Solution

Every day healthcare organizations, medical billing service providers and health insurance companies have to digitize tons of incoming paper documents and forms, and find critical information in seconds from within their databases.

The ABBYY Capture and Search solution optimize document-driven processes and information retrieval with highly accurate automated data capture, document classification and information extraction.

Solution Highlights

Patient Registration

ABBYY data capture and classification technology combines the convenience of scanning with labor saving tools that identify document types, extract data and link them to the correct patient records.

Patient Records and Capture to EHR

ABBYY technology integrates paper and images from existing patient records, new patients and current data exchange solutions into new EHR workflows.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

By ensuring data is captured and processed in a manner consistent with data integrity rules, ABBYY speeds the collection and submission of survey results – guaranteeing they are received in time to claim full benefits.

Accounts Receivable and  EOB Processing

ABBYY automates the capture of EOB and remittance advices – helping providers to recognize revenue sooner and avoid write-offs.

Billing and Claims Processing

ABBYY’s precision data extraction technology couples with automatic validation rules to ensure that billing, accounting and claims management applications receive accurate data.

Optimize healthcare quality and reduce costs.

Automate document-driven processes through highly accurate data capture, document classification and search.

Solution Benefits

Increased Productivity

  • Enables error-free information extraction from patient records, insurance documents, healthcare claims, patient surveys, accounts receivable and health census forms.
  • Streamlines processing of healthcare-related paper documents with multilingual recognition technologies and data validation that checks against medical billing and other systems.
  • Delivers relevant search results reflecting the exact meaning of a term – or search by general class to discover every detail within all documents related to a topic.

Lower Costs

  • Eliminates expensive manual data entry with automated processing and analysis of healthcare documents and GR forms – which lowers administrative costs and helps avoid delays in payments.
  • Eliminates manual data tagging and retrieves important information in seconds thanks to powerful entity recognition and filtering of documents.
  • Increases the transparency of medical information flows and easily makes vital data within separate repositories visible.

Improved Patient Care

  • Enables quick retrieval and delivery of patient data to healthcare professionals to improve healthcare decisions and avoid medical risks.
  • Leverages swift retrieval of medical and financial data from electronic health and medical records, and hospital information and human resource systems.
  • Improves the quality of life for visually impaired people with the help of talking books and other adaptive technologies.