Barcode Verification System

Our Barcode Verification Solution streamlines Stock Distribution process, maximizing the benefits by efficiently and precisely count stocks to ensure accurate product quantity counting and high quality assurance.

Key Features

Quantity Matching/Counting

Regardless of how many cargos need to be inventoried, our barcode solutions can precise match and count the quantity of cargos according to the invoice. The human mistake will be significantly reduce.

Data Searching

Our solution provide the full text search function to the user. User can find out any information regarding to the cargo. Therefore lower confusion to cargo from the employer.

Quality Assurance

Our solution can proofread the quality of stock. For example, alert the employ when the place of origin, QC failure or other reference indicator is not matched with the invoice or other document requirement. It greatly reduces the human error from the confused.

Distribution Tracking

Through review the scanning record from various parties, users can track the delivery status of the cargo. It effectively reduces the cargo lost and follow up the status closely and have a better performance in the delivery process.

Report Generating

After the stock taking, our solution can generate a cargo report immediately what is included the detail information of the cargo.

Report Generating Screenshot – Click to View