Data Capture Solution | Scanning Solution

Data Capture Solution brings automatic data extraction to all your document types.  Predefined forms and rules, combined with a powerful processing engine, make it possible to quickly classify and index more scanned documents with fewer employees.  Automating document indexing eliminates the bottleneck associated with manually indexing high volumes of structured business documents. Advanced Capture processing can be more accurate and much faster than manual data entry.  Employees spend their time more effectively, validating or correcting questionable values only when needed, while letting the Advanced Capture processor perform the mundane task of document indexing.

Solution Highlights

Automate Data Entry Process

  • Trouble free with single entry point process
  • Automatic document separation and classification from document mix
  • Auto data extraction and validation with pre-defined rules and custom rules

Outstanding Recognition Accuracy

  • Support multi-page documents with various number of pages, including multi-page tables
  • Support Documents with image or text attachments
  • Support custom defined documents

Process All Kinds of Documents

  • Fixed forms (questionnaires, surveys, ballot papers, test reports, school tests, etc.)
  • Semi-structured (invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, patient records, etc.)
  • Unstructured documents (contracts, letters, legal documents, annexes)

Many Integration Options for Different Business Applications

  • Easy to deploy, easy to operate, cost effective, affordable and powerful solution
  • The ideal document and data processing solution for small to large enterprise and governments

The First Step of Digital Transformation, Capture Your Documents & Data.

Typical Solution Flow

1. Document Import

A batch of documents is scanned using a high-speed scanner (Usually scanners that scan at least 10 pages per minute are used).

3. Verification

Characters about which the program is uncertain are passed onto a human operator.

2. Recognition

Most of the data are recognized automatically.

4. Data and Document Export

Verified data are saved into a database.

Next Generation of OCR Technology

Solution Benefits

High Quality Automated Data Capture

Reduces overall resource requirements needed for document indexing and classification.

Renowned Accuracy

Improves document indexing accuracy and allows users to focus on exception processing and more valuable tasks.

Efficiently Reduce Operating Cost

Enables faster document indexing reducing the traditional bottleneck caused by manual document indexing.

Instantly Improve Business Performance

Expedites entry of critical documents and data into your business transaction process.

Reasonable & Affordable Pricing with Fast ROI

Eliminates the burden of additional applications, databases, and duplicate configuration, to perform data extraction.

Capture Solutions


  • Explanation of benefits processing
  • External medical records classification


  • Claims processing
  • Underwriting

Higher Educationhighereducation

  • Transcript processing

Financial Servicesfinance

  • Loan processing
  • Onboarding of customers / Account opening

allindustryAll Industries

  • AP invoice processing
  • AR remittance and check processing
  • General forms found in HR, sales, manufacturing, legal and finance departments