Document Management System (DMS)

A single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases

Transform your organization by managing your content, processes and cases on a single platform. Whether you implement a single departmental solution or deploy solutions across your entire enterprise, you will increase productivity, reduce operating costs and minimize risk. Improve your level of service by empowering your employees with the information they need, when they need it.


What to Expect from Enterprise Document Management Solution

Save Money: Cost Savings and ROI
For many companies, investing in a Document Management solution means a significant capital investment. So you want to know what you’re purchasing is going to pay for itself.

Save Time: Empower Your Employees
Discover how a strategic enterprise document management solution can help you empower your employees by eliminating the low-value tasks they conduct every day.

Stay Competitive: Five ways DMS keeps you competitive
Discover the Top 5 ways an effective enterprise document management (DMS) solution can help you beat the competition.

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Save time, stay competitive with your
Enterprise Content Management solution

How to Securely Manage Your Information

1. Scanning and Document Capture

OnBase works with almost any scanning device, from all-in-one printer devices suitable for scanning single pages to systems capable of scanning thousands of pages per hour.

  • Improves document indexing accuracy
  • Enables faster document indexing

2. Managing Documents

Once captured, work efficiently with your electronic content with robust document management capabilities including revision and version control, signatures and advanced search.

  • Manage and control documents
  • Maintain security
  • Establish audit control
  • Auto-Foldering (support dynamic folders)
  • Auto-Index
  • Revisions and Versions control

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3. Automating Processes

OnBase optimizes your repeatable business processes, automating repetitive tasks while delivering documents and meaningful exceptions to the right people at the right time.

  • Flexible and user-configurable interfaces
  • Automatic e-mail notifications
  • Configurable Timers

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4. Document Output and Distribution

OnBase can generate individualized letters or create statements based on your documents and data, allowing you to efficiently distribute them to customers and constituents.

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5. Records Management

OnBase controls the retention of all associated business records, minimizing risk while supporting compliance efforts.

  • Complete life cycle management
  • Improves consistency and precision
  • Ensure timely disposal of qualified records
  • Minimizes legal risks
  • Manages all electronic records

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6. Integrate with Any Application

OnBase integrates with over 500 applications via a variety of integration options, allowing organizations to focus on improving business processes rather than custom coding.

  • Retrieve documents, view Folders, and run a Custom Query directly from your business application screen
  • Index documents
  • Display document counts and a document select list with real-time information