Automating Processes

Transform Your Business Processes and Performance

Enable organizations to significantly decrease document processing time, increase staff productivity and improve input, storage and retrieval accuracy.

A robust workflow engine and document routing system empower organizations to process work faster and more efficiently.

With an intuitive set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions, you can automate and optimize key processes without the need for costly, time-consuming custom coding.

Key Capabilities for Your Repeatable Processes

To deliver value within your repeatable business processes by:

  • Automates repetitive tasks and rules-based decisions
  • Routes documents and exceptions to the right people
  • Verifies the existence and accuracy of related documents
  • Sends automatic notifications and reminders
  • Load-balances work across teams
  • Manages complex approval processes

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates business transaction processing by presenting all related documents and data to the user
  • Optimizes business processes by providing a framework of rules to efficiently route electronic documents and data
  • Promotes accountability by providing detailed auditable history to monitor security and employee performance
  • Enforces consistent business practices, reducing process variance and associated risk
  • Offers flexible deployment and access across multiple interfaces and line-of-business integrations


Workflow Automation

The workflow solution is made up of one or more configurable Life Cycles, consisting of Queues that contain Rules and Actions executed through user interaction or performed automatically as System Work.

All Document Types regardless of file format, data objects, and Records Management folders are eligible. Pre-defined routing, along with related documents and data, ensures processes are consistently followed.

Workflow Life Cycles show real time document and process status, while historical data is also available for reporting and display.

Dynamic Approval Processes

Allow business users to configure rules to evaluate documents and dynamically assign approvers.

Ad-hoc approval assignments can also be made at runtime and approvers can delegate their own assignments when unavailable or out of the office.

Approval Process configuration

Approval Process configuration

Business Process Modeling

Enable organizations to effectively design Workflow and business process models, and run “what-if” simulations on those models.

Simulations can be used to identify potential bottlenecks and resource misallocation, enabling organizations to appropriately re-engineer and improve Workflow processes.

Electronic Forms

Eliminate paper problems, improve information accuracy and expedite processes for your users and customers

Simplifies the creation of electronic forms for data input. Without any HTML or programming knowledge, you can create forms with advanced functionality in a matter of minutes. Features such as required fields, data validation, calculations with instant results, and the customization of the form’s look and feel can all be configured in an easy-to-use form designer.

All the forms can be:

  • Instantly available online once submitted
  • Automatically validated for accuracy and checked for completeness at the point of entry
  • Automatically routed to the right place
  • Used to trigger business processes upon form submission
Easy to use point-and-click form designer

Easy to use point-and-click form designer

Unity Form on web client

Unity Form on web client

E-Form on local client

E-Form on local client

Business Activity Monitoring and Dashboards

Deliver instant visibility into the health of your system and your business – from the real-time status of business processes to who is owning tasks and how long they will take. Identify opportunities for improvement and quickly respond to changes in process performance.

Equip users to create and share dashboards – highlighting business data most important to them – without the need to engage IT resources.

Automated Notifications

Expedites the delivery of email notifications triggered by your automated processes, without user interaction – minimizing the chance of unsent or delayed alerts. Your users are immediately prompted to take action.

Easily configure and manage all critical business notifications to all users from a single workstation – increasing security, reliability and control. Improve auditability by providing a complete historical record or all sent notifications.