Document Output and Distribution

Efficiently Create and Distribute Content

OnBase can generate individualized letters or create statements based on your documents and data, allowing you to efficiently distribute them to your customers and constituents, whether on paper or electronically.

Document Composition

With OnBase, reduce the cost of written communication by automating document creation. Improve speed and accuracy by generating documents with existing system data, Word document fragments, and user input.

Standardized templates are applied to your documents to ensure corporate image and branding consistency.


  • Standardizes document generation to improve accuracy and support legal and compliance requirements.
  • Increases efficiency by automating the document creation process and centralizing template storage.
  • Promotes data integrity by pulling information directly from the source, eliminating errors from manual copy/paste.
  • Mitigates risks associated with freeform document production and manual data entry errors.
Template Configuration in Microsoft Word 2013

Template Configuration in Microsoft Word 2013

Previewing a composed document

Previewing a composed document

Document Distribution

Efficiently distribute documents by facilitating the automatic delivery of reports, statements and other content stored within the system.

Documents are delivered to recipients – via fax, e-mail, print, CD/DVD or Web – based on their unique profiles.

Users may also use ad hoc distribution to fulfill individual requests.

With scheduling and delivery management tools, Document Distribution ensures that documents are received on time, every time.

Image Statements Distribution

Shorten your collection cycle and improve your cash flow by getting your statements to your customers sooner.

OnBase gathers related documents and generates and consolidates them into a single image document.

This consolidated document can then be distributed by e-mail as a PDF, or by paper mail.