Integrate with Any Application

Application Enabler – A screen-level integration without custom code

OnBase integrates with your business applications with just a few mouse-clicks, providing a complete interaction between a business application screen and the related documents, content and processes. Users can opt for a real-time, no-click display of documents associated with their enabled screens or access documents and processes with a simple mouse click or key press.

We can integrate with virtually any application, and has a proven track record with more than 500 different applications without a single line of code.

  1. Application Enabler can read values from a business application screen and use them for retrieval (document view shown), indexing, and more.

  2. Application Enabler Live allows a real-time view of documents associated with the values on the enabled screen.

Enterprise Application Integration

Reduce costs, speed up processes by integrating OnBase with core applications

OnBase streamlines processes by integrating with core enterprise applications, providing staff with access to needed content from their preferred application.

By integrating with existing applications, organizations:

  •         Ease staff transitions to new software
  •         Improve user adoption and satisfaction
  •         Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information

SAP Integration Solutions

With the Integration for SAP ArchiveLink, users access documents that support their business transactions right from their SAP screens.

Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

Employees can spend less time managing data, documents and processes, with the Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite keeping everything in sync.

Productivity Add-ins

Natively integrate with productivity add-ins

OnBase provides add-ins and integrations for the productivity tools your users use the most. Whether they are working in Microsoft Office, their email applications or Microsoft SharePoint, OnBase functionality extends directly into these applications, allowing your users to interact with OnBase without leaving their primary application.

Email Client Integrations

Employees can access your organization’s content from within their email client, whether that’s MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes or Novell Groupwise.

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Microsoft Office Integration

The OnBase and Microsoft Office integration for document management allow users to manage content within their familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint interfaces.

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Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Allow users to search, retrieve, view and interact with content stored in OnBase directly from their familiar SharePoint environment.

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