Records Management

Minimize Risk, Support Compliance for Records Management

OnBase controls the retention of all associated business records securely organized within an electronic folder structure. The retention cycle of a folder is triggered by an event – such as the passage of time – which ties records management strategies into organizational business processes.

Organizations can manage retention plans and take advantage of multiple destruction options. We also offer exception handling as well as an administrative management interface.

Streamline The Management of Records from Inception to Destruction

  • Enable complete lifecycle management from document creation to declaration through final disposition
  • Improve consistency and precision by managing multiple documents as a single record
  • Automatically declare documents as records using embedded, rules-based conditions
  • Ensure timely disposal of qualified records automatically or after required approval
  • Minimize legal risks associated with accumulation of expired records
  • Manages all electronic records within the DMS solution

Document Retention

To remain legally compliant, you must have a reliable records retention and management solution – one that ensures documents are destroyed at the appropriate time and cannot be deleted maliciously.

Our solution manages the retention and disposition of stored documents according to predefined business rules for each document type. The destruction process is initiated by the passage of time, allowing for automatic destruction and/or removal from the system. As a result, organizations avoid fines and reduce legal risks associated with expired content.


  • Enforces a structured retention policy for document destruction consistently across the enterprise
  • Supports compliance with corporate and legal regulations through defined and enforced criteria for maintaining and destroying documents
  • Minimizes legal risks associated with accumulation of expired records
  • Reduces processing expense associated with manual deletion of unneeded documents
  • Save storage space through the automatic destruction of documents that no longer have value

Physical Records Management

Enables organizations to track, locate and access physical records electronically. Manage physical records alongside electronic documents and records, using OnBase as the single interface – regardless of record location or format.


  • Provide centralized management of physical records alongside electronic records in a single system
  • Enforce uniform records policies across both physical storage facilities and electronic repositories
  • Extend compliance initiatives into physical record business practices
  • Rapidly discover and locate physical record information as it relates to electronic content
  • Track the chain of custody thru an auditable access history and accountability for physical records
Interface for Physical Record Locator (with Cross-References)

Interface for Physical Record Locator
(with Cross-References)