Scanning and Document Capture

Document Imaging

We provide a scalable solution for centralized and distributed scanning, where documents are scanned or swept into user-defined queues, using a TWAIN or ISIS compliant scanner.

These Scan Queues are easily configured to meet document-based process requirements and departmental business needs.

The documents are captured directly into the DMS, taking advantage of several methods for automating classification and indexing.

A complete batch processing, control and management in the whole capture process flow.

Automated Data Capture

We keeps data entry to a minimum utilizing technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and barcodes.

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Integrations for MS Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes & Novell Groupwise

It’s not just paper documents that should be centralized into your ECM system.

When your relevant business information is stored electronically, it is often scattered across file shares, shared and personal email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems.

Manage all of the related documents together in one system.

Our solution enable users to capture emails and attachments into OnBase as they are received. Upon import, OnBase instantly associates these documents with the relevant folder, case or transaction.

If You Can Print It, You Can Import It!

Archive documents into OnBase from any application with a print function. By means of a virtual print driver, content found in websites or other business applications is converted to digital form and stored in OnBase, and instantly associated with the related information.

1. Print to File

2. Quick & Easy Indexing

Email and Fax Servers

Automatically captures, classifies and stores emails and attachments sent to centralized addresses. These emails will trigger business processes, eliminating costly delays and improving customer satisfaction. By integrating with Biscom Faxcom and Esker Fax, OnBase eliminates the need to print faxes, by capturing them electronically and making them instantly available

Mainframes and AS/400 applications

Electronically captures ASCII, PCL, AFP, DJDE, PDF and XML print and data streams generated by mainframes, AS/400 and other applications.

File Shares, FTP Sites and SharePoint sites

Provides several tools to easily import large volumes of documents stored on network drives or FTP sites, utilizing existing text and XML indexing data for classification. Integrations with SharePoint allow documents to be manually or automatically archived into OnBase.