Easy Document Management System (DMS) Solution

After pandemic, “distributed work” such as work from home (WFH)  has become a norm. The documents or files are difficult to be accessed or transmitted physically. Usually, they are changed to electronics version and sent via email or other tools.

On the other hand, when the documents are transmitted by email or cloud, apart from file size, version control, document security, access right control becomes challenging tasks. Document management system is then become increasing important in these days.

A good document management system not only ensure the latest documents are accessed, it can ensure only right person can access the relevant documents, and the documents can be easily searched when needed to improve operational efficiency.

We understand enterprises are willing to reduce capital investment for financial resilience. Our solution has low startup cost and is subscription-based, so the enterprise can pay when they need the service.

Main Features of Easy DMS Solution

Unlimited storage space

No need to worry about the file sizes and quantity

Support Full Text Search 

All Documents that you have access right you be search by content

Precise access right control

Enterprise can fully control the access right of document. Suitable for confidential documents control



The documents can be accessed anywhere & anytime.

Audit Trail

Provides audit trails
and activity monitoring

Subscription Mode 

you pay when you need the service.

Solution Benefit

Small Capex and Quick ROI 

Fast to depoly 

High Accesibility

Improve operational efficiency

Typical Use Cases

Enterprise which implement work from home / shift work

Retails Shop with various branches and need to share documents.

Enterprise with office in various district & countries


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