Electronic Form (E-Form) Solution

Paper forms significantly impact the profitability of your organization. They are costly to print, slow to fill out and send, can be incomplete and hard to read. The result: information is inaccurate and processes are delayed.

Electronic forms eliminate paper problems and expedite business processes, for your users and customers. All your forms can be:

  • Available online

  • Automatically validated for accuracy

  • Instantly available to you once submitted

Completeness is ensured at the point of entry, and information is validated. Processes are triggered upon form submission and automatically routed to the right place.

Solution Highlights

Unity Form

Unity Forms are the future of OnBase electronic forms, simplifying the creation and speeding the implementation of advanced forms. Form creators use an integrated, point-and-click Forms Designer that greatly reduces the time and specialized skill required to build forms for use in OnBase. For end-users completing forms, advanced controls add functionality like data validation, dynamic rules and actions, calculations and more, with a consistent experience across devices.

Features Highlights

Integrated Forms Designer

Integrated forms designer makes it faster and easier to create forms that are process-ready

Built-in Validation Tools

Built-in validation tools improve the quality of data

User Group-based Security

User group-based security makes it possible to fine-tune security settings for forms

Built-in Templates and Themes

Built-in templates and themes make it easy to get started creating forms

Conditional Actions Can Be Configured

Conditional actions can be configured without scripting to create dynamic forms

Integration with Workflow

Integration with Workflow facilitates a complete business process

Forms Can Be Easily Accessed

Forms can be easily accessed on multiple platforms, using multiple browsers

Solution Benefits

Save Time & Process Cycles

Save time and shorten process cycles by capturing data electronically and routing it automatically.

Capture More Data at The Source

Capture more data at the source by extending data entry to information owners inside of OnBase or on an external website.

Point-and-Click Form Designer

Make form creation easier and faster with a point-and-click designer and built-in security and validation controls.

Lower Cost

Reduce costs associated with dedicated resources to perform custom coding.

Better User Experience

Improve user experience with automatic validation and simplified form navigation.


System Administrators and Workflow Administrators

System Administrators and Workflow Administrators can reduce the amount of time spent designing forms, allowing them to focus on designing Workflows and reducing project backlog.

Business Process Owners

Business process owners can create their own forms instead of requiring a developer, so that the forms may more closely reflect the needs of the users.

End Users

End users can benefit from the native usability features that can decrease the amount of time it takes for them to fill out their information and increase their satisfaction with the solution.