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31 03, 2021

[HYLAND 在线研讨会] RPA 适合我的企业吗? (21/4)

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RPA 适合我的企业吗? 立即登记 HYLAND 的网上研讨会,了解更多! (21 Apr) Infographic vector created by upklyak - www.freepik.com 想知道机器人流程自动化(RPA)是否适合您的组织或部门? 我们的合作伙伴Hyland Software,将于4月21日举行在线研讨会。 他们会在会上,分享最近由 Frost&Sullivan 进行的RPA研究,并讨论自动化趋势,用例和分享经验。 题目: Planning for RPA: Industry trends, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid 日期: 2021年4月21日 (三), 上午2:00 语言: 英语 >> 立即登记 << 参与我们伙伴的研讨会,了解更多! 即使无法参加网络研讨,您也可以事后接收录像回顾! [...]

20 10, 2020

What’s next after pandemic? Join our Webinar

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What's next after pandemic? Join our Webinar The pace of digital transformation has been dramatically accelerated. According to Gartner, “Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive“. You might have some questions, eg, how to pick up the pace? what technology tools can help you to [...]